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OUR SERVICES (私達のサービス)

At Reju Spa Niseko, we offer an exclusive range of treatments and services to bring tranquility, calm and relaxation into your life. Our experienced team of professionals therapists has been hand-picked to ensure a warm welcoming experience with a holistic approach.  Reju Spa Niseko is ready to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. We invite you to peruse a selection of services we offer below.




Water is the source of all life. It has the ability to cleanse physically and spiritually, we draw on these restorative qualities to provide a haven of calm, tranquility and relaxation. Our foot soak ritual treatments provide a welcome getaway for you to unwind and prepare yourself for your journey ahead. Reju Spa embraces the time–honored healing practices of local culture, infusing into Reju’s basic philosophy that water is at the core of the ultimate health-enhancing experience.

The ritual starts with matcha green tea foot cleanse, your feet are then exfoliated with sugar scrub before soaking into the mango wood foot bowl. Treatment combines the benefits of aromatherapy (using an essential oil of your choice) and therapeutic salts before relaxing massage is carried out to your feet. The relaxing massage uses shea butter hydrating moisturizer, incorporates light strokes and pressure points to release blockages in the body systems, allowing them to function  more efficiently. Helping you to return the body to a dynamic state of balance while relieving stress and tension.

Foot Soak Rituals help to:​

Boost circulation

Detoxify the body

Ease aches and pains

Calm the mind, body, and spirit

Reduce swelling or inflammation

Enhance the condition of the skin

Promote feelings of deep relaxation

Optimize health and wellbeing through aromatherapy and reflexology

Head Massage

Awaken your senses and renew your soul with our massages that encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system. Reach ultimate relaxation after our treatment and leave feeling revitalized, ready to get back on the slopes and tackle anything that your upcoming week may bring you.

AROMATHERAPY EXPERIENCE  60 / 90 /120 minutes
Ideal to restore suppleness and softness for optimal comfort: a wonderfully relaxing therapy provides light pressure detoxifying lymphatic massage to relieve stress and key areas of tension and muscle tightness. A beautiful scent of aromatic essential oil of your choice will enliven the overall senses of calm and harmony for a peaceful sleep and a refreshing body. 

THERAPEUTIC THAI MASSAGE  60 / 90 / 120 minutes
Revitalize with a Traditional Thai massage performed on a comfortable mat on the floor . You will remain fully clothed while the therapist employs a combination of stretching, compression, finger pressure, and assisted yoga poses in order to loosen muscles, stimulate circulation, and relieve joint stiffness, leaving you invigorated and relaxed.

ORIENTAL WELLNESS (Dry Treatment - Shiatsu Style)  60 / 90 / 120 minutes
This massage therapy does not use any oil or lotion, Instead it is performed using rhythmic pressing. The pressure tension and motion or vibration movements used during massage to improve regional blood circulation while encourage deep relaxation.

ZEN RELAXATION (Oil Massage Treatment)  60 / 90 / 120 minutes
Designed for releasing tension, increasing vitality and flexibility. Surrender to the therapeutic and restorative qualities of Japanese rhythmic hand motions massage style provides light to medium pressure combined with soothing Swedish effleurage strokes. Natural sweet almond oil moisturize and harmonize mind and body.

Enjoy the most holistic experience possible, by allowing our therapists to utilize their individual talents to create and customize treatments according to your unique individual needs.

This extraordinary treatment offers the pinnacle of pampering, soothing away any tension and transforming your feet to perfection. Our luxury foot therapy begins with Reju traditional foot bath then followed by a massage in a bespoke relaxation chair. The treatment culminates in a foot and lower leg massage utilizing Sothys products, provide the quintessential Parisian spa experience.

Ideal for people on the move. This short but revitalizing service starts with a warm custom herbal foot bath and then 30 minutes foot reflexology with a soothing hot towel wrap.

Reju Spa Niseko offers an in-room service at an additional cost of ¥3,000 per treatment per guest. These treatments are available upon request and are subject to availability. Reju Spa reserves the right to refuse service to customers who are intoxicated or display inappropriate behavior.

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